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Employment Opportunities

We hire accomplished accountants with social grace and customer partnering skills.

Our positions allow employees to flex both accounting expertise, as well as business acumen and creative problem solving finesse. Love having team support? Appreciate the power of group-think? Care deeply for the clients who trust you? Keep reading…

Our people believe in their people. Meaning, client success and pitfalls are taken personally, as we’re champions of entrepreneurs – people who MAKE things happen – and we see ourselves as vital to their businesses’ success (because we are).

It takes an empathetic, initiative-taking, transparent, and communicative individual who snoops around when something doesn’t look right to be more than just a numbers person. And that’s exactly what we look for – MORE than a numbers person.

Those who derive meaning from helping others. Even when they’re cranky and afraid.

To apply You’ll need:
– Accounting Skills
– Public accounting experience
– Tax preparation experience for both business and individuals.
– A preference for a flexible, work-from-home schedule.

(If you’re seeking an admin position – please apply if the attitudes reflected here align with you.)

Fun fact we think you’ll find interesting: Our employees don’t work crazy hours during tax season. We charge our clients flat fees rather than “billable hours,” avoiding the insanity of crammed workdays, overbilled clients, and overworked employees. Burnout is not a badge of honor here.

Send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

Thank you!
Michelle and Adam