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Money stress is common

…and it doesn’t look good on anyone. Let us help.

General accounting services include all the nagging tasks that you shouldn’t have to tackle…and won’t tackle nearly as well as we do (no offense ). From bookkeeping to payroll to sales tax, we’ll cover your tracks, so you can spend your energy in your business where it belongs.

Tax laws are ever-changing, complicated, and litigiously intimidating, even for a relatively simple return. And though tax prep software has its place for those without a better option, 71% of 71 million taxpayers know they benefited from using a tax professional – so join the club. Stop overlooking deductions and credits. And file like a pro.

Writing off your groceries (very illegal) isn’t how you save on taxes. Knowing how to play the tax “game” and knowing how to structure your business is where the real savings begin. Such as – planning how to grow and preserve assets, defer income, and reduce taxes on income, investments, retirement distributions, etc. We save individual clients tens of thousands of dollars a year. Let’s do that for you too. 

Growing businesses need hands-on financial direction a phone call away, not an unnecessary, large expense taking up space in the budget. Hiring a full-time CFO costs anywhere from 160k-250k a year plus bonuses. Our fractional CFO services handle everything from Cash Flow Forecasting & Management to Financial & Risks Analysis at a refreshingly reasonable cost.