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CLIENT PROBLEM – Frustrated with their then CPA.

CPA was a long time, trusted family friend who’d grown increasingly non-responsive. Unable to get answers, clients were stalled in their decision making and never knew what to expect when it came to taxes and what would be owed each year.

MERGIX SOLUTION – Set up a process so client books were proactively updated at the end of each month instead of waiting until the end of the year.

This enabled us to forecast the taxes due at the end of the year, and guide intelligent decision making on how much to pay vs. save vs. invest in the future of their business.

MAJOR DISCOVERY – Client wasn’t registered as an S Corp, and they were missing major deduction opportunities, resulting in $65,000 in overpaid taxes.

This trusted family advisor missed a major opportunity to save their client a significant amount of tax dollars each year, simply due to the wrong entity type selected and by not recommending additional tax saving strategies.

MAJOR WIN – Change the entity, put the thousands saved into a retirement account that grows, and scale the business.

Although there was no way for us to go back and recapture taxes that were paid in error under the old CPA, we saved our client big money moving forward. These savings now allocate to their retirement rather than the government.

This client continues to scale and grow their business. We meet quarterly to discuss business goals, see if they’re on track, and note how their sales performance will impact their tax strategy for the current year. We constantly research new ways to implement strategies that allow the business to expand, make more money every year, and keep more in the business and the owner’s pocket.

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