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CLIENT PROBLEM – In need of a CFO after acquisition.

Client’s company was once part of a conglomeration of companies, partnered by 3 individuals with several shared resources between them until one organization was offered an M&A into a larger national company.  The terms in the merger were that 2 of the 3 partners would separate and work at the larger company, leaving the other companies to be sold or dissolve. Our client, the third partner,  purchased one of the entities for himself.  One of the initial challenges was to replace the shared CFO that had previously been a benefit and resource to the entire group. 

MERGIX SOLUTION – Come on board to fulfill the following roles: Fractional CFO, Accounting, Cash Flow Modeling and intercompany systems management.

 It took some time to set up the systems of communication, workflows, and processes, but the result was a far more effective financial control system for the entire company. 

MAJOR WIN – We eliminated the many redundancies and communication inefficiencies – a result of years of status quo practices – and armed ownership with the tools they needed to move the company into the future.

The internal staff was reorganized from bottom to the top. We came in, took a fresh look, and recommended new technologies and process flows that simplified and worked better, saving the client time and money.

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