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CLIENT PROBLEM – Misunderstanding Payroll & Payroll Tax Payments & Filings, accumulating thousands in Fees and Penalties.

Client ran payroll in a non-compliant way for some time – until letters from the IRS got their attention.  Client attempted to do the right thing, signed up for payroll through a bookkeeping program, and kept records of what they’d done. However, not all the taxes were handled properly, and the liability began to add up.

MERGIX SOLUTION – Help the client clean up the old taxes, get current, and put a cash flow management plan in place to ensure taxes were paid on time.

Payroll is another area where we see clients who just need some education on how it works. 

MAJOR DISCOVERY – Client didn’t have enough cash on hand to cover the total liability to the IRS and State. 

We created a budget and showed them how to make payments on the past dues.

MAJOR WIN – Client was caught up by the end of the year.

Once a  process was established, the client settled their debts and paid their taxes properly moving forward, maintaining a better understanding of the process and how to make the right decisions.

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